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TransFORWARD: Texas Transgender Health

TransFORWARD: Texas Transgender Health is a collaboration between Texas Health Institute and Equality Texas Foundation. We started collaborating in March 2016 and formalized our relationship in April 2016. Subsequently we signed an agreement with University of California San Francisco’s The PRIDE Study/net as one of their community engagement partners in August 2017. This agreement was replaced by a similar agreement with Stanford University after assuming leadership for the program in October 2018. Texas Health Institute serves as the fiscal agent and project manager.

“On nearly every continent, and for all of recorded history, thriving cultures have recognized, revered, and integrated more than two genders…hundreds of distinct societies around the globe have their own long-established traditions for third, fourth, fifth, or more genders. ” Our ten-year goal, and one we have focused on since the project’s genesis, is reducing the number of suicide attempts by people who identify as transgender. Transgender is an adjective and umbrella term. TransFORWARD includes transgender women, transgender men, transgender youth, and people who are gender nonbinary or Intersex within this umbrella. We believe that improving transgender lives will help us reach our ten-year goal. We strive to improve lives by leading transgender-powered patient-centered outcomes research that produces evidence-based data. This data can be turned in health policies. In turn, these policies will create transgender culturally competent healthcare which improves the lives of transgender people.

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