Improving Transgender Lives

Improving lives is a noble calling. Improving the lives of individuals and families in the transgender community is a very noble calling. We have an opportunity to do something no one else can accomplish at our scale. TransFORWARD and our partners in Texas have a unique opportunity to create a statewide transgender focused research community across 254 counties. Potentially, we can impact the lives of over 200,000 transgender people in Texas. We can transform healthcare disseminating our research results. It will take everyone we can bring to our community to make this happen. We need transgender people to work with researchers and clinicians in creating patient-centered research outcomes. We need trans people to participate in clinical studies. We need each of us to serve as “trusted advocates” and enroll people in our clinical studies and The PRIDE Study. We need funders, as key stakeholders and partners, who can learn with us how to advance the health of transgender people. 

What can I do as one individual? One individual can make a difference. Seriously consider committing to these three steps.

  1. Commit to work with 5 transgender Texans and enroll them in The PRIDE Study for each of the next 3 months. This gives our Texas community a large enough research group to work with and helps improve how we will enroll people in clinical studies.
  2. Stay Connected by reading our bi-weekly newsletter. Like all community newsletters we will keep it short with clarity of purpose to keep you informed.
  3. TransCONNECT by signing into our online community. You can connect with people in your region of the state working on transgender focused research using a Facebook/Twitter like interface.

Each of us doing our part, small or large, will impact our community’s outcome. Together, we can achieve so much more and improve the lives of transgender people.