Texas Research

Texas Research

TransFORWARD – A Statewide Transgender-Powered Research Collaborative in Texas enabled our team to identify the most important work we can focus on. We brought together 226 people in eight Regional Summits to identify our most important priorities in transgender-powered research. This work completed our first steps on this journey.

Going forward, we will continue to build research capacity for transgender health in Texas. We believe one of the most important contributions we can make is to develop patient-centered clinical research projects with transgender people and parents of transgender youth as essential stakeholders. Gender affirming Hormone Replacement Therapy was identified as our first priority.

Potentially, we can improve the lives of over 200,000 transgender Texas adults by answering the trans community’s research questions with evidence-based clinical research outcomes.

On one path, TransFORWARD will serve as a catalyst for transgender focused projects meeting the needs of the Texas community. Working with our partners we will collaboratively develop funded projects. We’ll work within each of our eight regions, as well as, across all eight regions. We are already working with our Regional Co-Leads to begin development of gender affirming Hormone Replacement Therapy clinical studies. TransFORWARD have been invited to participate in an important county-wide analysis. If funded, this project can illuminate important data and serve as a prototype for other projects.

On the second and parallel path, Texas Health Institute will also pursue research projects developed with our TransFORWARD partners and collaborators taking advantage of our staff’s expertise. Our internal research, health equity, primary care and health system transformation, and community team staff have the skills and experience to advance this work. Texas Health Institute, as a public health institute, is uniquely suited to produce evidence and ideas through transgender-focused research. This first step advances a culture for evidence-based, data driven decision-making. The second step translates and shares evidence to turn evidence into action. Our PCORI work is one example. The third and final step is to advance collaborative action to create shared value and impact.

Capstone Collaborative Learning Summit

What do you get when you bring 30 people together for nine hours over two days? Insight, discussion, collaboration, and some clarity in where we are going — our Capstone Collaborative Learning Summit.

We reviewed data from our eight Regional Summits. Discussing The PRIDE Study’s and clinical study’s participant feedback sharpened our understanding for trust, transparency, frequent communication and continuous feedback. Our goal — developing a framework to build transgender research capacity in Texas. Creating transgender-powered research projects that enable patient-centered outcome research project will improve transgender lives. Working together we can transform healthcare by providing evidence-based research leading to health policy action.

Next Steps . . .

State level steps (February/March, 2020):

  • Develop a survey to clinicians providing gender affirming Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Describe existing demographic profile of existing patients. Identify potential partner(s).
  • Identify and report on what socioeconomic factors impact success for transgender people undergoing and subsequent to both social and medical transitions.
  • Discuss embedding a hotline for feedback in the future.
  • Develop a process with The PRIDE Study to submit retrospective research requests using Annual Survey data.

Region level steps (February/March, 2020):

  • Share summary information from the eight Regional Summit with participants through conference calls or video meetings.
  • Establish achievable region enrollment goals for The PRIDE Study and to better understand how to enroll new participants in the study and prospectively clinical studies.
  • Invite Region Summit participants into TransCONNECT (online community portal with Facebook/Twitter like interface) to take part in state and region discussions.
  • Prototype new forms of transgender incentives, especially in working with transgender support groups.

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