Community engagement takes place in large and small meeting, workshops, listening sessions, and interviews.

Community Engagement

Our team is led by staff who identify as transgender or as an ally. We work with physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, and medical professionals (many with advanced degrees). Most importantly, we work increasing number of people who identify as transgender, gender non-binary, and Intersex, parents of trans youth and allies. All but a limited number of part-time staff are volunteers.

We have a major concern with the lack of research, especially evidenced-based practice studies that medical providers need. Accurate population numbers regarding our population are also needed.

Education and Training

Creating culturally competent transgender health requires substantial training. Our initial work is creating the Transgender Health Learning Series. This series will serve as a convenient, online series of six courses for health providers, public health professionals, and people interested in becoming more familiar with the transgender community.

Our goal is to help create a health workforce that is welcoming, respectful, affirming, and knowledgeable.

Patient-Centered Research

Doing together what we can’t do alone is important in developing research activities to better the health of individuals who identify as transgender.

Discrimination, stigma, and medical neglect contribute to the difficulty that people who identify as transgender have in accessing adequate care and achieving optimal health. In addition, many are marginalized from healthcare due to age, language, race and ethnicity, and legal or socioeconomic status.

Transgender voices have not been included in the vast majority of research efforts. Many studies don’t collect sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) data that willhelp answer the most basic questions about transgender health.

Help us expand our work with national organizations developing longitudinal research with the transgender community. Together, a foundation for ongoing learning and research about how identity influences health can be put into medical practice.