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PCORI Project

TransFORWARD: A Statewide Transgender-Powered
Research Collaborative in Texas

The Need

Sexual and gender minorities fare worse in the healthcare system and have poorer health outcomes than the general population. Transgender people experience inequities that stem from discrimination, stigma, harassment, poverty, and lack of transgender-specific health information.

The Williams Institute estimates 1.4 million adults in the United States identify as transgender, including 124,500 Texans. Gaps in research compound the experience of many transgender people in being ignored or maligned by medicine and medical research. The PRIDE Study is the first large-scale, long-term health study of people who identify as LGBTQ designed to address research gaps.

Our Solution

TransFORWARD – A Statewide Transgender-Powered Research Collaborative in Texas works to establish trust and value in the transgender community. The goal is to connect transgender people and parents of trans youth, with clinicians and researchers, ensuring medical care for transgender people is informed by evidence-based data.

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) funding enabled our team to identify the most important work we can focus on. We brought together 226 people in eight Regional Summits to identify our most important priorities in transgender-powered research. This journey leads us to the next phase.

This project is funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (EA #10671).

Webinar: The PRIDE Study

The webinar below helped launch TransFORWARD – A Statewide Transgender-Powered Research Collaborative in Texas in October, 2018. The presentation covered Ancillary Topic Research, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Processes and Requirements for The PRIDE Study. TransFORWARD is one of The PRIDE Study’s community engagement partners.

Presenters included:
Lou Weaver – TransFORWARD
Mitchell Lunn, MD, MAS – The PRIDE Study
Angela Sturm, MD FACS – TransFORWARD
John Oeffinger – TransFORWARD

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