Lessons Learned & Best Practices: 2 States’ Experience in Developing a Culturally Competent Workforce for Transgender People

The last four years has seen an increase in the public’s awareness of transgender people. Public health, healthcare leaders and practitioners are increasingly outspoken about the importance of transgender health equity.

  • What steps are being taken to begin creating a culturally competent workforce?
  • What role does public health training and education play in creating the workforce?

This breakfast roundtable will share lessons learned and best practices in two southern states over the past two years.

Storytelling, a critical tool for advancing public health, is central to both efforts. The ability to listen, learn, and guide provides an important foundation.

Three trans voices with stories, insights, and recommendations about gender affirmative transition related care within health systems illuminate the need for ensuring culturally competent, cost-effective access to quality healthcare.

Roundtable participants will take part in learning how to create a respectful and safe trans environment for their workforce.


Lou Weaver, Transgender Programs Coordinator, Equality Texas Foundation

Dani Archie, PhD, Adjunct Faculty Member, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Justine Price, MPH, CPH, CIC, Senior Quality Manager, Quality and Strategic Management, Williams County and Cities Health District

Anna Stelter, LMSW, MPH, Health Policy Analyst, Texas Health Institute

John Oeffinger, Director, eLearning and Training, Texas Health Institute

Transform Health Summit Poster

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