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Our work is based on increasing value, building trust, and being transparent with our partners and community members. The TransFORWARD community is evolving from Regional Summits to an interconnected group of people with a unifying purpose – Improving Transgender Lives.

We learned from our Communications Outreach survey the answers to several important questions.

Our community expects to hear from us bi-weekly by email. Going forward, we will send out a bi-weekly newsletter. Each newsletter will have three blocks of information: a macro level topic of interest, a specific TransFORWARD community topic of interest, and a Call to Action. We’ll enable feedback to learn how to continuously improve on what we send out since our community member’s time is valuabe.

We also learned that the TransFORWARD community prefers social media platforms to connect, engage, and carry on work. Specifically, the Facebook platform and to a lesser extent Twitter and Instagram were cited. Recognizing that all three platforms viewed their users as the product we found a solution where the user is not the product.

TransCONNECT enables us to continue to work together, especially during this time of COVID-19. We will follow the same steps used to invite Regional Summit participants by asking people who want to get involved to register and answer a few short questions. This ensures we have the same expectations working together. Our Regional Summit participants will have accounts to access the private community. Our goal is to provide a Facebook/Twitter like approach to carry on our community’s work. This will be especially important as we complete the PCORI project and move forward.

Each of us doing our part, small or large, will impact our community’s outcome. Together, we can achieve so much more and improve the lives of transgender people.

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