Advisory Council

The Advisory Council helps guide and inform TransForward – Texas Transgender Health’s planning, project implementation, and evaluation.

The Council is comprised of twelve members selected from among the Team 1,000 membership.

Council activities include:

  • Participate in quarterly conference calls to help guide and inform our work.
  • Provide suggestions for projects, funding, research and education opportunities, as well as, initiate important connections in the transgender and health communities.
  • Identify priorities and route important healthcare information to other Council members.
  • Contribute to smaller working groups to help scale our efforts.
  • Provide feedback on our activities, strategies, and goals.
  • Assist in recruiting other prospective Team 1,000 members, sponsors, organizations, and people interested in improving the quality of health for transgender people financially.
  • Serve as moderators, facilitators, hosts, or introduce speakers at our events; and,
  • Review the annual evaluation and provide guidance for the future.
It will take a diverse team of Advisory Council leaders to create culturally competent transgender health environments in Texas.